What Drives Java App Development’s Popularity? 


Written By Avinash Kumar

On June 13, 2022

For today’s tech trends, Java is the most popular programming language. Only C and Java are the two programming languages that have topped TIOBE’s index during the previous 20 years. Java application development has been and will continue to be important in the creation of dynamic apps for many years. 


Java is the technology of choice for enterprise applications, as it allows companies to create scalable, powerful, and diverse applications. Even though Python is a strong competitor for Java software development services, it is still preferred due to its speed and power. Java web application development provides platforms and products that are long-lasting and competitive.  


The following reasons explain why Java will still be growing in 2022 –

Regular updates 

Unlike other programming languages and technology stacks, Java app development is always trendy because the programming language is updated on a regular basis. Java transitioned to a six-month release cycle in 2018. Every year in March and September, the latest updates and features are released 

With Java 10, every release became faster, and the programming language is now better than before. Java is useful for microservices, cloud computing, mobile app development, and even AR & VR solutions, keeping up with the times. It works well with cutting-edge technologies as well as traditional web and mobile solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

Very scalable

There are more than 45 billion Java Virtual Machines in use around the world, and the technology’s capacity to process requests is virtually endless. For enterprise applications, the programming language is highly scalable, making it ideal for CRM, ERP, CMS, and web portals with large traffic and usage needs. 

Java for backend development is a great technology for client and server development. It can easily handle a large workload and hundreds of requests at once. Java is used by many companies, including Discovery, IBM, and others, to create scalable corporate applications. It also provides efficiency, allowing businesses to get speedy results throughout the process. 

Versatile language

Java is a programming language with a lot of flexibility. It can be used to create a wide range of applications. Mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence solutions, Big data & cloud computing solutions, embedded systems, gaming applications, and more are all built with Java. Java provides the ability to create a wide range of apps with ease. 

Java web development services are also quite handy for integrating multiple apps due to their versatility. In today’s environment, AI-based enterprise apps are one of the most popular Java implementations. It’s also the most popular microservices programming language. Java is used in DevOps, analytics, and chatbot development, among other things. 

Frameworks & libraries

Spring, the most popular Java web application framework, ensures high-quality and quick development. It includes everything developers need to deploy functions without having to write code from the ground up. Spring is the most popular Java framework for all types of application development.

A broad community 

The Java programming language is one of the world’s largest and most diverse communities. There are more than 9 million Java developers available to help anytime it is needed. They contribute significantly to the advancement of the Java programming language. If you are having trouble with Java web application development, there is a programmer that can help you out 

There is also a lot of enthusiasm for outside ventures. They provide crucial assistance on many projects, and businesses may readily engage developers at a low cost. As a result, one of the most significant advantages of Java programming is the community


Because it is a beginner-friendly programming language, Java will continue to be popular in 2021. Complex operations, such as memory management, can be completed quickly. New programmers will find it simple to write and run programs. The object-oriented programming style is particularly advantageous because it is something that most developers are already familiar with. 

A Java application development firm has many developers with extensive experience in developing applications. They do, however, have junior developers who start designing apps right away. It’s because Java web development is incredibly user-friendly for both developers and beginners. 

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